Spectron 2084 for the ZX Spectrum Next

My blogging has tailed off sharply since January, when I really got my teeth into my first ZX Spectrum Next game, a faithful conversion of the Robotron 2084 arcade classic from 1982.

The other day I released the first demo, of the attract screen portion of the game. While this doesn’t have any playable elements, it’s been great for me to ease into Next development, as it’s allowed me to analyse the game mechanics in a lot of detail while I was getting to grips with the intricacies of the hardware.

I just didn’t seem to have enough time to think, code and write at the same, but perhaps now I’ve got my feet more firmly under the table, I can go back and cover some of the ground. Anyway, I almost forgot to post the details here—so here they are!

You can download the runnable demo from here.

Spectron 2084 is a classic golden age arcade game for the ZX Spectrum Next, with a focus on faithfulness to the arcade version, as well as control flexibility. All controls modes will be available: Single sticks, twin sticks,

Here I present a runnable teaser of the attract screen. No playability yet, but you should get a sense of how faithfulness to the arcade version the game will be.

Best viewed on the Next Issue 2A board, using NextOS distribution V.0.8B-REV.A or any later version – available from the link below. Please re-run the update procedure if you have any problems running this demo, or contact me by email. This demo isn’t supported on the ZEsarUX or CSpect emulators.


50Hz is currently supported on both VGA and HDMI, as well as 60Hz on VGA. Full 60Hz including HDMI will be supported in the released game.

Accompanying video: https://youtu.be/FJHyNFhjDqY


Robin Verhagen-Guest
May 2018


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